Thursday, July 19, 2012

Buddhist Temple and County Fair

 For my World Religions Study group we went to a Buddhist Temple.  It was very small, and looked like it was built in a garage.  They were very nice and Hospitable, I enjoyed it a lot!  We also went to a Hinduism Temple last week, but I wasn't about to take pictures while they were giving the tour.  That place was so dark and hard to just comprehend how they could believe in this sort of stuff.  The Buddhist Temple was sad but not creepy.
 Then afterwards Gabrielle and I went to the County Fair with some of our friends from our co-op.  I had a blast with them!
 Then I saw my bff when I was little.  We hadn't seen each other for 2 years, and can I tell you we hugged for the longest!  Such a sweet person!
Oh yes, that's me alright doing a hanging on pull up thing behind this manly blown up balloon.  I tried this 3 times, thank you thank you!  One of the marines had to help me get up there cause it was so tall.  He told me the instructions in a very deep voice and told me to step on his hand so he could give me a boost.  Who gets boosted by a marine everyday?! lol! Overall it was a fun filled day and I had a great time with my friends!  Have a great day!


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