Sunday, July 8, 2012

1 Dress 30 Days

I really don't think I am totally getting the whole 1 dress in 30 days thing, cause I am seeing two different sides of the thing.  Could somebody please comment and tell me the right way to do it? :P  Anyways I was slacking on this because I was on Vacation for 2 days, if you saw my earlier post, to Canada so I did 3 dresses for the 3 days I missed.  I hope that's right!


Samantha L said...

Here's how to do 1 Dress 30 Days:

1. Contact Lizzy at Pretty Modest ( ) and tell her you want to help with 1 Dress, 30 Days.
2. She'll tell you what to do as far as the technical stuff.
3. To create the outfits, you have to pick one dress and use it in 30 different outfits.

Hope this helps!

Anastasia said...

Cool dresses! Love the colors! The way you do 1 dress 30 days is you choose one dress, and you style it thirty different ways. You can either wear it, or do it on polyvore.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I really like yours!