Monday, January 16, 2012

Mall Of America

Don't you just love the saying " Mall Of America!"  I do, and I do so love shopping! I found a groupon in my e-mail where you could get a great discount to got to the Mirror Maze at MOA. Of course we bought it and we had free Northstar Train tickets from the holidazzle parade.  Perfect time to go!  So we rode the Northstar to and from there.  Also we ate breakfast on the train, doesn't a turtle muffin sound good?  That's what I'm eating!
 As I was walking down to the mirror maze I saw this animal hat stand.  I looked in it just for fun and saw the "One".  It is so cute!  My mom was so generous and paid for half, then I paid the rest! Thanks Mom!
 Waiting to go in the Mirror Maze!  Mom hurry, take the picture already!
 It was so confusing.  I kept running into walls and slamming my face into them.  Some of the mirrors were even cracked.  Don't worry, I didn't do any of those.  So fun!
 We finally found the exit( after some time) and at the end were some mirrors that made you look funny.  Here's me and my big, fat, long, and smart brain!  Lol!

There was also another store where there was everything on commercials.  It was called as seen on TV.  Don't you just love the new sun glasses they came up with!  We look like nerds!  Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

You guys sure look like you had a lot of fun! The Mall of America is sooo cool! I love all the funny pictures of you!



gracie said...

I laughed So Hard when I saw the picture of you in the mirror! you looked so cute!!!!
BTW I love the hat!!!
Miss you so much and Love you even more!!!!!

Mrs. Taffy said...

What a grand adventure! You guys look like you had an amazing time! I LOVE the hat, it's perfect!

Anonymous said...

I Tori! I tagged you here: