Thursday, January 26, 2012

Abby's Wedding!

On Saturday we went to our good friends wedding.  The second wedding I have been to so far.  This is me and sweet Abbey!  Doesn't she look so happy?  

 This is the church she rented for the wedding.  The decorations were so beautiful!

 Here is one of my friends from church, her name is Lydia.  She was so funny the whole time there!

I had so much fun at the wedding!  I hope you all had a great week, mine is busy. God bless!



Anonymous said...

What a pretty church! I'm so glad you guys had a fun time! I'd love to go to a wedding someday!

Emily Ruth said...

Weddings are a lot of fun! I went to one earlier this year. :)

gracie said...

Hey girl!! How are you!! I hope you are doing well!
OK random fact....The bride went on a missions trip to Romania with my sister Michelle! And apparently she already liked him the groom!(that was in 2005!)
Love you lots!!!