Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Under Water World!

This was a very cool place to see at Mall of America! There was a deal for homeschoolers, and it was $5 a person! What a deal! My mom said it is usually $15 a person. Youch! So here is a cool looking jellyfish that is very flexible. Oh, my word! This thing was above my head when I was crossing into the next room. Man that thing was some..... big, creepy, a lot of teeth shark type thing. Creepy.

Rosebud looking at this very huge fish that looks very interesting. Fun.

This is the greatest sea turtle ever! Very neat and a beautiful shell! God created such beautiful creatures in this world! Don't you agree?

I really like this picture of Rosebud and I. Trust me I would never take a picture by this guy if he really was that big!

Well, I am so glad my mom let us go there! It was very fun. Have a blessed day!



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Anonymous said...

Sweet Pics!! I'm glad you had fun! bummer we couldn't go with you! It was fun to see you last night! Love you!!