Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Harvest Orchard

This week we went to the orchard that is a tradition for our best friends and us. We have been friends for....hmm a very very long time! I am so glad that I have good friends like them! So we came into the corn kernel pile where we love to play in. We all decided to jump in the corn, which would hurt your tummy a LOT, but it was worth it! Here is one of our friends Kirsten who is flying in the air, Amazing. And I'm in the background burrying their little brother Garett. Here I go! Wow! That was......Awesome! Let's do it again.

Some more burrying and throwing corn.
We all had a wonderful time! Thanks Mom!

I had a ton of fun at the orchard. Thank you friends for going with us! Have a blessed day!



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Anonymous said...

That's cool how you got pictures of you
"flying" through the air! :D We're going on Wednesday I think! YAY!