Friday, July 2, 2010

Treasures and Prizes

We are doing a half price book store summer reading program this summer! I have been working really hard on making reading fun and now I love it! I wouldn't say I'm a total bookworm like Zoe, but for me it's just fine. An hour a day won't hurt a bit. So here is what I got at the half price book store. I got Princess Academy last week and Pride and the Prejudice, Sling shot monkey, and a word search book this week! Now these are the things I bought with my own money this week for garage saling. I love things with monkeys on them! Can't play enough sudoku, Tirzah already gave me a sudoku book which I totally forgot about but I love sudoku. I found this cute frog coin purse for free. Might be a good Christmas present for somebody? Hmmm? How about ___ Can't say.
My mom bought us all good games! Oh yeah! We all always wanted these games .We've been playing with them for a few days. She also got us two tennis rackets too! Thanks mom! We got paper dolls and books also.
Well we found a lot of fun things this week. Hope you did too. Thank you for reading!


Laura said...

I'm so very proud of you honey!! I love to see you enjoying so many good books now! You're awesome!! Keep up the good work. I love you very much!! Love Mom

Laura said...

Yes, mom did give us some really good games! Good job reading for an hour every day! Keep on doing it.

Love Rosebud

Zoe said...

Good finds Tori! I agree with you! I am glad mom got all of thouse wonderful games. Have a good night!

Miss Tirzah said...

Nice finds!! I really like sudoku too, but I like it even more when I can finish the games!! :D
Love ya!