Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garage sale Treasures

Today was an AWESOME week for garage sailing! There were a bunch of garage sales all over Big Lake today. So here is what I bought. A big tin full of shells, and a very cute, soft monkey! There was also a green one but I liked the purple one better. And the most exciting item of all, a beautiful HOPE CHEST! I am so happy and very glad with the price. On the price tag it said it was $5, but I asked if I could have it for $3. Then he said " How about $2.50!" .50 more off, sure! So now I have a Hope chest! YAY! I also got this pink flowery (girly girl) razor scooter! I always wanted a Razor scooter. So now I can check off a couple of things on my wish list.
Well I had such a good time today! My mom got some other treasures that I'm sure she'll blog about soon. Thank you for following my blog everybody!



Miss Tirzah said...

Wow Tori!! That is just SO Cool!!! Congratulations on your hope chest!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy for you!!

Mrs. Taffy said...

What wonderful things you found Tori! Good job! You'll have so much fun filling up your hope chest!
Love you! Aunty Taffy

Miss Tirzah said...

By the way, I absolutely LOVE your blog background!! It's so YOU! :D