Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little House on the Prairie!

Finally we get to go to Walnut Grove! I kept counting the days till this very moment would come! So our first stop was Sleepy Eye. Where Charles would drop things off. Well next we saw Linus standing in front of this building that was HUGE! Linus actually grew up in Sleep Eye which I didn't know was real. As you probably know Linus is from the Peanuts!
Here we are in Walnut Grove! Oh it seemed forever till we got there. It was probably about 4 hours! So here in front of the museum we saw this prairie wagon in front of the visitors center.
She also got each one of us a prairie bonnet of our own! Thanks Mom!
My mom kept going back and forth on us going to see the museum. But she decided to take us and I am very glad she did! It was one of my absolutely favorite parts! So here is the church which is very very tiny! And now today churches are the size of malls! So much has changed in such little time.
We went into this house called Grandma's house. It had a copy of Charles Ingall's fiddler, and it showed what a old fashioned crock pot looked like. And a very uncomfortable rocking chair.
Also they had an old telephone that was very cool! I always wanted to use one of these!
Oh my word! This room was pure torture! They had a whole bunch of the most beautiful dolls I had ever seen! My mom showed me a collection of dolls that looked like what she had when she was a little girl before they got ruined/lost.
Here is Kayli washing clothes the old fashioned way.
We also found a jail cell. It was very cool to see. We accidentally got put in jail for doing a crime which I can't think of right now? Zoe seems not to like it.
Or Kayli and I! Boo ho!
Here's mom teaching us in a very small school house. And Kayli's in the corner for being very naughty while the teacher is talking. LOL
Here is what we think of it. ( this is not true in real life though Aunt Carissa, in case your wondering. lol!)
All of us farmers!
I really like this picture of me in the background of daisies! Except there were a TON of wasps by me. I held very very still while taking this photo, trust me.
We got to eat lunch at Plum Creek! It was a whole bunch of fun!
Here is a great photo shot of all of us!
Well while we all were playing Kayli all of a sudden said, "Where are my shoes ?" Then we saw her shoes floating down the creek. Ahh chasing after the shoes!
Afterwards we went to Walnut Grove's mercantile. We got 10 cent candy sticks there. It was a very fun cute little store!
We got to go to a pageant in the evening and here are the actors who played as the Ingalls!
A picture of one of the scenes. We actually saw some of our friends the Lacy's! What Fun!

The next day we got to see the actress who played Nellie Oleson and she got to sign one of our little house on the prairie books!
Then we went to the Festival and made corn cob dolls which was very fun!
After the festival we went to go eat at Nellie's Cafe! We all had a Nellie burger which had pickles and tomatoes, patty, cheese, and mayo. Yummy! I got hot chocolate plus water and french fries!
Well we had the best weekend ever! Thanks mom for taking us to Walnut Grove! Hope you guys had as much fun as I did this weekend. Thank you for following and reading!

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Miss Tirzah said...

So fun! Washing the clothes used to take a long time! It would take weeks to wash all our clothes from one day! (Especially the boys! Bring out the soap!! )