Friday, December 25, 2009

Opening stockings on Christmas Eve

Every year on Christmas Eve we open up our stockings. So my mom tortured all of us and said," You will have to wait''. Oh she is so stubborn. So when it's time to open our stockings my mom said to pick one at a time. We got a lot of special treats. Gum, toys, and candy. Sugary things which are always the best! Don't you think?
My sisters and I made a thing called a Mystery Box. It is kind of like making coupons that have things you can do at home. For an example, Give you one foot massage, or clean your room. It might not be fun for one but it will be fun for the other.

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Laura said...

I absolutely LOVED the Mystery Box!!! What a creative and brilliant gift! Everybody ended up getting blessed! Thank you honey!!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Merrry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

CUTE blog backround!!

Anonymous said...

It was VERY FUN!