Friday, December 25, 2009

The Nutcracker

Last week we went to the Nutcracker. The dancers were beautiful! But I have to say that the men's tights were absolutely way to tight! I mean you could tell that they had big muscles, but you don't have to show so much detail! You couldn't even tell if they had any underwear or not! But the girls were absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't even believe that the little kids were dancing like....professionals! Anyways it was great! Here is my friend Clarissa and I waiting for the play to start.
Kayli's friend Katie and her waiting (Talking very loudly....conversations to each other) very patiently.
Zoe and her friend Kirsten waiting and being very silly at the same time.
We all had a very fun time. The nutcracker was very fun. Watching the dancers gliding in the air, their hair swishing from side to side. Thanks for reading!


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