Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I've been tagged!

1. If you could only use 1 color to paint your whole house with, which would you pick?

Totally pink!

2. If you were a plant of any kind which would you be, and why?

A beautiful daisy. What a beautiful flower!

3. If you could have as many siblings as you wanted, how many would you have?

I don't know? Probably how many God would want me to have. Which I hope would be a lot!

4. If you woke up with one super ability what would it be, and what would do with it?

I would absolutely would love to fly!

5. If your closet was one big clothing store, which one would you choose?

I would have to agree with my cousin Goodwill !

6. If you could control the weather and its climate to make where you live any season you wanted forever, which season would you pick?
Winter, absolutely winter. I wish it would count the holidays though.

7. If you could have been born in any time period which time period for which specific reason?
In the 1800's because they wore prairie dresses and
I could be Laura Ingalls wilder friend.

8. If everyone had one theme song for their life which would yours be?
I have no clue?

Well Have a good day everybody!

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