Sunday, November 29, 2009


I am so thankful that the Lord is healing my mother. It may not seem fast, but she is getting better and better everyday. So this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that the Lord let my mama live longer in the earth, like she wasn't supposed too. So this afternoon we made this advent wreath that we are supposed to do today. I'm very excited!!! Our advent book that we are going to do is called Bartholomew's Passage. And my sister Kayli made the candles!!! Didn't she do a fantastic job?
So on Thanksgiving my cousin Jonah planned to do an Amazing Race. Which I thought would be fun and scary at the same time. Why? Because you never know what a very brilliant young man might do. So, Jonah said that the prize would be half a bag of tootsie pops. YUMMY!!!! So Kayli and I were on a team and I have to say that we were a wonderful team!!!There was also a disgusting thing. Oh writing about it makes me want to throw up!!! EEEWWW!!! OK, well it was like frosting with playdough and tons of sugar. And when I went to get the disgusting thing there was this bowl with the.......disgusting thing in it, and I thought I had to eat the whole thing so I started taking big spoonfuls of it. But then Jonah said, "Gross don't put it back in!!!" I said oh I thought I had to eat the whole thing. So I guess I didn't really pay attention to the directions. But I'm telling you that the stuff was GROSS!!!!!
But we ended up being in second place. The winners were my cousins Josiah and Solomon. And my sister Zoe and my cousin Tirzah were in third. But we still got a prize. We each got two tootsie pops.
What a wonderful Thanksgiving I had! And at the end we got to frost cookies. Yum...more sugar!!! We had sugar cookies, chocolate cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip popcorn, and Oreo truffles, chocolate pudding, and pumpkin bars with cream cheese on it. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you did too!!



Mrs. Taffy said...

I LOVE the advent wreath! What a great idea! We started Jotham's Journey yesterday! I LOVE this time of year and I Love you too! :o)

Anonymous said...

Cute! That Frosting was disgusting!