Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Orchestra Hall

On Sunday we went to Orchestra Hall. My whole family went. Plus, we got two extra tickets to go. So, we invited my Aunt Carissa and my cousin Tirzah. We all had so much fun!!! Here is what the building looks like. The music was wonderful. We also got very good seats. We sat in the front row of the first balcony. But I wished we could go on the very top. But at least we got to go up in the balcony.
In the background of this picture there were cubes that looked like they were popping out at you. They were on the ceiling and on the wall. They had really funny music. One time there was a turkey coming out and he made really funny jokes. Then there was a star wars song and Darth Vader came out and was acting like he was the master of everything.
After the Orchestra we took some wonderful pictures. You can see that I have Molly in my arms. I got her all dressed up for her first Orchestra concert. I put her hair in a bun myself. My mom did Dorthy braids in my hair, It's from the Wizard of Oz. I loved my cousins hair. She said that she left her hair in braids for two days. Kayli had two little braids and my mom weaved in a ribbon in each braid. Zoe already has wavy hair so my mom put in a very cute clip in. All of our hair was very beautiful that day.
Then after, we all went to Starbucks and my sisters and I got caramel and peppermint steamers. What a fun day we had!!! Thank you for following my blog.


Anonymous said...

That was such a fun time with you! Thanks for the comment on my hair, if you want to try it, take a shower, and while your hair is still wet, braid them in pop-out braids!
Love you!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Wonderful! I agree, you all had very pretty hair that day! And doll looked lovely too! I'm glad you liked your steamer and I am SO GLAD YOU BLOGGED!! LOVE YOU!