Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Science Mueseum

I love the science museum! We were doing the news spot. The little ones thought that it was cool to be on the television, so they smiled so everyone could see. My mother thought it was cute so she took a picture and of course I didn't smile because I didn't know she was. I seriously don't like this picture of my face, but I loved the kids in the picture. They are sooooo cute!!! We went in the Goosebumps exhibit. It's supposed to be an exhibit of fear. Like there was fear of loud sounds, fear of creepy crawly things, or fear of falling. We saw this big machine in the fear of falling room and well....we decided to go try it out. But when we were in line, we saw people go on it my sisters and I were like LETS LEAVE!!! But we decided to just DO IT!!!!
We had so much fun. I love the Science Museum!!!!
Thank you all for reading my blog. It makes me so happy!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

So fun! I went on the falling thing too. Scary but fun at the same time!!
I invited you to my blog! Please follow it!
Love ya!