Friday, October 16, 2009

I've been Tagged!!

Oh Great!!! I've been tagged. My embarrassing story happened in Russia.
It all started in our hotel that we stayed in. It was time to go to bed, and I was very tired. So when I was sleeping (my mom told me this) I sat up in bed and started to sleep talk. And our roommate was another missionary and they both woke up and were like, "Victoria go to bed!" But of course I was asleep so I couldn't. So I kept talking and talking and our roommate was like, "Laura, make her stop!" She said it in a very serious tone. And the next morning my mom told me, I was SSSSSOOOOOOO embarrassed, I couldn't even talk to her. There.....I accomplished something victorious! So now I'm going to tag one!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Funny! Why did you take a picture next to that ugly thing?? Love ya!
P.S. thanks for following my blog!!

Mrs. Taffy said...

That's Great Tori! My brother used to sit up in bed and sleep talk all the time too! I wonder if he still does? One time Uncle Mike woke up laughing! It was great! He didn't know why he was laughing, but he couldn't stop!

Anonymous said...

Did it feel weird standing near the big old shreck?