Thursday, December 6, 2012

Broke my arm

I can finally type with the very tip of my fingers! Yes! First of all, how did I break my arm? Well, I was doing a handstand in our downstairs basement on the hard concrete floor and of course I sord of flipped back the wrong way and twisted and slammed my arm on the floor. The creepy part was I heard it snap, yuck! We went into the Emergency room and I got a shot of morphine and the doctor took a bunch of x-rays. Luckily I broke my left not my right arm! Not exactly a fun experience, anyways I got a temporary splint to keep the swelling down and then today I got a permanent cast that I will be wearing for 5 weeks. And of course I chose neon pink! I got some signatures and notes on it from my girlfriends so it wasn't that bad. :D Have you broken a bone before?



Gracie said...

Awww! Looking adorable..even with your arm broken!! :) Miss you!! I hope your arm heals fast!!
Love you!!

Lizzy said...

My mom told us about it, said that you were in a lot of pain. Tori NEVER try to do a hand stand in your basement EVER again!!!! Hope it heals good.

Love you, Merry Christmas!!!

Kaylee said...

OUCH!!! I think I heard it snap too! lol