Thursday, October 13, 2011

Co-op, Batism, and Josiah's Contest!

 Learning is so much fun, as some people say.  For me it is the opposite, even though some are fun.
I have worked my butt of for Co-op homework especially in Literature, and what do I get a B.  A lazy worthless B.  I totally wish I got an A, but life isn't perfect and I always got to remind myself that.  But I did get an A in Environmental Science, plus extra credit.  I am totally proud of myself in that!
I feel like these books in this picture is my school work every day, which it probably is.  As you can  see from  this blog post I am.. well...stressed about school.  Other than that I had an amazing weekend with some of my best friends!  We went to go see my Friend Gracie and my cousin Banana Taffy's Baptism!  It was an amazing experience to see God shining through their faces in such a positive way!  I am so proud of them both!  Great job guys! Well, have a great week you all! And God bless, as my cousin says.  Speaking  of my cousin Banana Taffy, he is having a totally awesome contest if you click on his picture it will go to his contest.  Make sure to check it out and enter, if you dare!  I know I am!  God Bless you all. See you soon!


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Anonymous said...

Great job Miracle! B's are cool! I like B's. Maybe because my last name starts with a b? :P Great job on your tests! Keep up the good work!