Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 8

A thank you letter to somebody who has changed your life? Well, there is actually 3 people who have done that for me which is my mom, Uncle Taffy and Aunt Taffy. I think my mom already knows that she has changed my life by my Valentines letter that I just gave her. But I don't know if my Uncle and Aunt know this, so I will tell them right now in this letter to them: "I love you both very much and you mean the whole world to me! When my mom was in the Hospital I was soooooo very very much scared that she was going to die, and from being so worried I kept having nightmares. But you guys were there to help me not be so scared and treated me like I was a part of your family and I really liked that! When I made decisions I know I shouldn't have made you both stilled love me just as much! Which I was very surprised at. So as you can see, I LOVE you both very much and I wanted to tell you both that you changed my life. I love you!" Just a blog date everyone that my mom has said that I will be having an open blog soon. So I am going to have a giveaway when my blog opens and it will be my 50th post( which I know isn't very big, but at least it is something to have a reason to have a giveaway!) So this post right now is my 49th post! Yay! Have a great day everybody! Love, Miracle

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Mrs. Taffy said...

Oh Tori...You are so sweet and so precious to me! You ARE a part of our family and I love you very much!

Very excited that you get to open your blog because I often forget to check it unless one of your cousins reminds me!

love and hugs,
Aunt Carissa