Monday, February 28, 2011

Thinking ahead of time

Do you know what five things that make me happy? Probably my cousins and my family.

I will name them for you just because.

1. When I get a good grade in school.

2. When somebody wins on a game show that I really like.

3. When I get hugs from people who I love.

4. Knowing I did the right thing even though it's really hard.

5. And last but not least Finishing blog posts and e-mails!

I know, not very exciting but at least I was honest! lol!

Do you ever think about what you would do as a teenager?

I do a lot! I hope it's not just me though.

Well, I will give you the top five things.

1. Be a better example to the people around me.

2. I get to drive a car!

3. I can finally get a job!

4. Have an open blog! ( this I can't wait)

5. And last but not least I can maybe ride my bike around the block with my sisters.

I cannot wait until I will be a teenager! Can you?

Would you like to know how to drive a car? Oh I think it would be fun! What kind of car would you drive? Well, my mind has been made up for a while. A red cherry ( or pink) Slug bug! They look so fun, cute, and my kind of style.

Well have a great day!



Tirzah said...

Have I ever told you what kind of car I want? :) I want a yellow convertable slugbug, the inside of the wheels are flower shaped, there's gonna be pink and greens stripes all the way around it, and a whole bunch of little flower stick- ons on the hood! :) LOL!

Josiah said...

Don't grow up to fast Tori! I turned 16 today, and I just now figured out how fast time flew by...Live your life, don't rush it! :D

Nice car by the way... :P